Comments on the Foxcon Deal

Where is all the money coming from?

I only have one question about this deal and it’s a simple one. Where is all this money coming from.

In Wisconsin our roads languish in disrepair, to the tune of nearly a billion dollars, but we’re told we can’t find the money to rebuild and maintain our infrastructure.

Every year we cut spending on higher education and watch as a UW system that was once beacon of research and progress slowly dwindle, all while the cost of attending climbs ever out of reach. And yet, we’re told there is no money in the budget for a crack at the American Dream.

Our public schools are forced to turn to referendums to keep their doors open to be able to serve their communities, and we are left to watch as Wisconsin slides down the list of great schools. But there is no room in the budget for a quality public education.

But when a Taiwanese billionaire wants us to build him a factory, it only takes our legislature a few months to turn up $3 billion. And not a tax break, but $3 billion taxpayer dollars paid out over 15 years.

So I ask Representative Mike Rhorkaste and Senator Roger Roth. If we cannot find the money for roads and bridges or affordable tuition, or schools. Where the hell did we find $3 billion dollars to do this deal!